Blogging and ethics

August 3, 2016 in News, Tips

Blogging and disclosure has long been a hot topic – see the blog posts below from 2012! – and now it’s been brought right up to date with the piece from Úna, which takes the format of a Q&A with a representative of the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI).

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New Blogs

March 30, 2016 in New blogs

Cork-based Louise blogs at, offering lunch box solutions and dinner ideas – tried and tested on her own kids who, she says, are fussy eaters.

Aimee’s Appetite is a healthy eating blog that uses every day ingredients to create delicious dishes.

A few fussy eaters in this batch! Ciara, an Irish food blogger living in the UK, blogs about kids’ food and family friendly recipes at My Fussy Eater.

More family food as Rod (formerly known as Happy Meat) takes on Yummy Din Dins, his blog dedicated to food, families and feeding.

Along with fashion and beauty, Clare with the Hair writes weekly recipes for RSVP magazine and is in the process of compiling a book with the help of a selection of Irish chefs.

Will is a foodie, based in Dublin, and he loves cooking, eating, discovering new recipes and techniques, which he documents at

Eve’s Pastiness is about her experiences cooking primal and paleo food.

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New blogs

November 10, 2015 in Events

Silvia, of Silvia and the Kitchen, loves cooking and writing about Italian recipes.

The author of Love and Potatoes just moved to Ireland this summer.

There’s a lot of love around today! Love and Other Spices, from another new arrival to Ireland, is where Farwin shares her love of food and photography.

An Irish blogger in London, Cathy is Keeping Beautiful with veggie and vegan food.

Good Food Ireland have an interesting piece on their blog on How to become a chef.

Emma’s That’s Easy Peasy is about how to create basic meals and treats.

Hake & Cake is written by a pescetarian with a sweet tooth who is originally from Poland but now living in the West of Ireland.

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by Kristin

Food Styling & Photography Workshops

June 14, 2015 in Events

Due to the fantastic response they got to their previous workshops, top commercial food stylist Erica Ryan and leading food photographer Gary Jordan are running two more professional food styling and photography workshops. The workshop is designed to assist budding food stylists, food bloggers, food writers or artisan food producers who want to capture their produce at its best and take their skills to a higher level. Over the day you will be introduced to the fundamentals of preparing food for the camera, props selection and backgrounds, basic camera techniques and the use of light and lighting along with processing your images. Places are limited, so book soon!

Erica and Gary, who have worked together for many years in the commercial food business, will pass on the many tips and tricks they have picked up during their time creating mouthwatering dishes for TV, film, print and the web. The workshop will take place in Erica’s fully equipped kitchen overlooking Howth Harbour and Ireland’s Eye.

When: 11 July 2015 and 26 July 2015 from 10.00am to 4.30pm
Where: Howth, Co. Dublin
Price: €165 PP with lunch included

For more information or to book your place, contact Erica or Gary:

Erica Ryan, Food Stylist
Tel 01 839 1950
Mobile 086 859 4939

Gary Jordan Photography
Tel 01 416 3821
Mobile 087 261 6220

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New blogs

June 12, 2015 in New blogs

A fan of sourdough? Take a look at Stuart’s Sours Of Grain for an overview of the health benefits of naturally leavened bread, recipes, and information on some of the science of sourdough fermentation.

Karyn’s Irish Baking Adventures is all about sharing recipes, photos and baking adventures from an Irish kitchen, plus a glimpse into the life of a normal – but sometimes crazy – Irish family.

From Poland but living in the North West of Ireland for the last nine years, Dagmara has worked in coffee shops and restaurants in Sligo and started blogging at U stóp Benbulbena two years ago, writing in Polish so that she can share and propagate Irish culinary culture, Irish products and lifestyle.

Joleen at oneyummymummy has a collection of recipes for healthy nutritional food that tastes good that are aimed at children.

Rachel writes about the life of a professional chef and mum at

Chef Diana has a weekly blog at The Three Towers Restaurant and Organic Kitchen at in Loughrea, County Galway.
If you are an Irish or Ireland-based food blogger and would like to be added to the blogroll, please email us at with a link AND one line describing what your blog is about.

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by Kristin

New blogs

April 3, 2015 in New blogs

Bia Natural is a blog to inspire people to take control of their food choices with a large focus on local quality producers and growing your own.

Bringing Home The is a celebration of groceries.

Catherine Fulivo’s blog is about everything that’s happening with celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio’s Ballyknocken Cookery School in Wicklow.

Carmel grew up in San Francisco but is currently living in West Cork and experimenting with recipes and taking of photos of food she has created, which she shares at Cookin with Carmel.

The owner of a busy Dublin cookery school puts pen to paper at the Cooks Academy Blog.

Delalicious, created by Sinéad, a sportswoman and physiotherapist, focuses on healthy, nutritious and colourful food recipes suitable for all.

Emma likes to cook, eat, bake and read about food, and recently set up her blog, Emco Eats, to post about her baking escapades, recipes she has happened across and healthy-ish alternatives for cake lovers.

Emma lived in Italy for several years and is now based in Dublin. She writes about the food she fell in love with and lots more Italian foodstuffs at Emma Eats Italian.

Happy Healthy Hippie is a whole foods, plant-based blog showing you how to make simple, delicious veggie meals that don’t break the bank account.

Homebird is focused on Eimear’s love and support of Irish food producers, primary producers, small food businesses, authentic back-to-basics recipes and all things domestic, from crafts to cleaning.

Gary created the Ireland Home Grown blog as a resource for small Irish food and drink companies to share their experiences, lessons and ideas within the Irish food and drink industry and beyond.

Milo & Me is a healthy food-based blog focusing on Rachel’s healthy eating journey.

My Kitchen Notebook is a blog about good, substantial home cooking and baking using a lot of produce from Fionnuala’s garden and the locality.

Nufo is a vegetarian-inspired food blog with tasty recipes for the whole family and nutritional tips helping you to smile inside.

Ring the Merchant is an informative blog that curates a healthy lifestyle by exploring in depth food recipes, health, body and mind.

Saucepots is a new recipe site dedicated to providing high-quality, achievable recipes to anyone who wants to make them.

SculleryMade is a Belfast project to share recipes for home cooking, baking, brewing and curing using quality, locally sourced ingredients.

The Big Cheese is about a food enthusiast and amateur cook’s experiments (NB: not actually about cheese!).

The Delicious Food Life Co. is a humorous account of Shirley’s life as a small food producer aiming to be the next big thing…whilst staying one step ahead of the bank.

The Food of Life is a witty and informative blog for foodies about the joy of cooking and eating, all about good ingredients, good food and good company.

The Modern Exoteric is a blog based on making home cooking as simple as possible for the beginner.

Wellanicity is about journeying towards a healthy and whole life by getting back to old-fashioned cooking, which Lisa believes is the cornerstone t for improving your health.

At Wild Healthy Nutrition, Carla specialises in nutritional medicine, advocates eating whole foods by running a #30DayKickintheWhole campaign on social media and posts plant-based recipes.

Miriam is a Spanish girl living in Ireland and shares the most famous Irish and Spanish recipes so that more people can be closer to both cultures at With a Couple of Eggs.

Maggie has worked in the restaurant industry for ten years and is passionate about dining with good food, which she writes about at Woof! Dublin.

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by Kristin

New blogs

January 5, 2015 in New blogs

A Home Made By Committee is written by Vicky, a coeliac Corkonian based in Dublin, as she creates and reviews amazing gluten-free recipes that the whole family can eat.

After travelling around Melbourne for 5 weeks, Matthew got insanely jealous of the creations there and wanted to share it with people on his blog, Baked by Matthew. Stay tuned for restaurant reviews in Belfast and Northern Ireland as well as Dublin, Cork and Galway after that.

The Blushing Beetroot documents Frances’s journey to becoming vegetarian and her love for clean, healthy food.

The Dublin Cookery School has started a blog – follow along at DCS Diaries.

Lesley is the cookery editor at Image Interiors magazine and has recently started a blog, Eat Etc.

Colin says that Fancy-Ass Food is a food blog for people who like food blogs and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Anne is American but has been living in Dublin for four years and recently married her Irish husband. Her blog, The Full Irish American Breakfast, includes aspects of life in Ireland but is largely about food and restaurants.

Simon Says You Should Really Drink This is all about Irish and world beer, though Simon pays the odd visit to breweries and he loves food as well.

Skitikkio is about food and fun from Sicily to Dublin.

The Wonky Spatula illustrates the tasty way to be healthy with a range of gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and occasionally vegan recipes as well as a growing selection of whole30 approved recipes.

If you are an Irish or Ireland-based food blogger and would like to be added to the blogroll, please email us at with a link AND one line describing what your blog is about.

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by Kristin

New blogs

October 31, 2014 in New blogs

A Bit More Veg is a vegetarian food blog by someone who isn’t vegetarian but who wants to eat more healthily and who also enjoys the challenge of coming up with tasty vegetarian meals.

Beer Food Travel does what it says on the tin: it’s a mix of beer, food and travel!

Brews International is about beer and all things beer related, including food matching, and is run by Aidan Sweeney, an accredited beer sommelier and certified beer server.

Clean Cuisine is a recipes and reviews forum for clean eating enthusiasts that encourages creativity for any clean eating lifestyle.

Carmel has a great passion for food, wine and craft beer. She owns three restaurants and blogs all about food at Corrigan Says.

Crumbs of Rain is a Dublin-based blog about good food and coffee and everything in between, with a pinch of Finnish flair.

Dublin Cookery School has started its own blog, DCS Diaries.

Emma Rose is about the love of all things food related.

Foodie in Dublin was born from a passion for the city of Dublin and a passion for food. After almost two years in this wonderful city, Sofia has visited over 50 restaurants, brunch places and cafés and is always surprised by the discoveries she makes.

Gourmet Grazing is your gourmet guide to Dublin, bringing you all the latest in food news, recipes, reviews and more.

Kate’s Kabin is a mish mash of Kate’s true loves: food, wine and travel around Dublin city and beyond.

Anne is an amateur baker who only recently discovered the joys of baking and blogging at Keep Calm and Carrying on Baking.

My Lunchbox is packed with lunch ideas.

At My Toddler Cooks you will find lots of ways to have fun learning in the kitchen and always have something tasty to reward yourself with afterwards.

Pound of Butter shares Tracy’s personal favourites and her journey to Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Rocket Queen shares really delicious, super healthy vegetarian food with the world.

Joanna just moved back home from San Francisco and has started the 12-week cookery course at Ballymaloe, which she’s blogging about at Some Like It Hot.

Leena recently started a 365 cakes in 365 days challenge at The Cat Hairy Baker.

The Food Factory is a space to share all kind of bakeries, coffees, restaurants, food markets, food festivals and any other activity that includes food.

The Search for Delicious is dedicated to Bridget’s search for all things delicious, including her own recipes, others’ recipes and treats that you can buy, inspired by her experiences on the Great Irish Bake Off 2013.

Thyme to Eat includes a variety of recipes for everyone, including Paleo and gluten-free folks.

If you are an Irish or Ireland-based food blogger and would like to be added to the blogroll, please email us at with a link AND one line describing what your blog is about.

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