What We’re Reading: 4 February

February 4, 2011 in What We're Reading

What We’re Reading is a daily round-up of Irish foodie news and foodie links from around the web.

Aoife from the Holy Mackerel blog is taking a course at the Dublin Cookery School, where this week they learned about hazardous kitchen habits. She’s spreading the message and has shared 10 tips on kitchen safety (as well as a post on keeping your knives sharp). Thanks, Aoife!

Just in time for today’s Irish Foodies Cookalong, Saveur has put together a collection of aphrodisiac recipes, including the history, myths and folklore that inspire them. (And in case you missed it from Wednesday’s round-up, has pulled together 10 ingredients for creating romance as well.)

For every food blog with fab photos, there are 10 others that could use some help, so Dianne Jacobs of the indispenable Will Write for Food blog asked food stylist Denise Vivaldo to share some tips on how bloggers can get gorgeous food photos.

Looking for some writing advice or inspiration? Check out this list of the top 10 blogs for writers.

Ever wonder how much oil you can emulsify into a mayonnaise with one egg yolk or how many times you can reheat a curry? Harold McGee, food guru, culinary scientist and one of the most celebrated cookery writers in the US, has a new book to give you all the answers – Keys to Good Cooking.

Fancy some beef tonight but wondering which kind of piece to go for? Grasstonomy’s handy guide shows you which cuts are good for what and why.

Once you’ve got your cuts sorted, head over to the Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog to read their post – complete with a short video – of how to cook perfect beef stew.

For all the attention it’s been getting recently, it would seem that homemade butter is one of the hot foods of 2011 so far. If you want to try your hand at making it yourself, the Guardian has a step-by-step guide from Darina Allen about how to make it yourself, including recipes for variations like fresh herb butter, garlic butter or rum butter.

For all the whiskey lovers, check out Whisky Connosr, a whiskey social network including reviews and ratings.

What does your preference for ketchup or HP brown sauce reveal about your social class?

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