What We’re Reading: 17 February

February 17, 2011 in What We're Reading

What We’re Reading is a daily round-up of Irish foodie news and foodie links from around the web.

Does anyone else remember the craze that surrounded Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread after The Minimalist profiled it in the New York Times? Caroline was reminded of making it by a stray tweet (thanks Giana!) which also mentioned that there was a video that explained how the whole thing worked. This is very good bread.

Part search, part sharing, Foodily is aiming to be the Facebook of food (with a little Google thrown in, too). Foodily is a search engine just for food that aggregates over a million recipes from around the web and offers a slew of social sharing tools to enable users to trade cooking tips and recommendations.

From 28 February, branded ingredients and products will be allowed on our TV screens thanks to a change in OFCOM’s rules on product placement on UK TV and radio. Programme-makers need the money, but the Guardian asks if we need product placement.

Have you hopped on board the cupcake craze bandwagon yet? Katie from the Good Life Eats blog demonstrates how to fill a pastry bag with frosting and choosing the right tip to get the best swirls.

If you have a kid sister enrolled in a cooking school, then you can steal their top cooking school secrets without paying the hefty tuition fees.

US food writer Michael Ruhlman says brining is one of the most powerful ways of seasoning, flavoring and curing meat – he talks about some brining basics here.

Despite all the media hype, Coca-Cola says its secret recipe is still safe in the bank vault after all.

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2 responses to What We’re Reading: 17 February

  1. Caroline, I just saw this about the infamous no-knead bread and thought of you: I have yet to try this – it’s next on my list after your sourdough!

  2. Yum! Even more alternative bread making options. And plenty of links to the original recipes. I’ll stick with my sourdough for the moment though…

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