An Invite to Food Bloggers to Language Supper Clubs

January 30, 2013 in Events

Elaine Walsh, creator of the popular Cookbook Club, has branched out into three language supper clubs – Spanish, Italian and French – held at Odessa in Dublin. Elaine feels that the best approach to a country’s culture is through its food, so learning the language goes hand in hand with learning the food of each region.

Elaine would like to invite food bloggers to attend any of the language supper clubs free of charge. Just contact Elaine directly at and send her a link to your blog – and of course you need to be up for lots of chats! And if you already know one of the languages – even just a little – then so much the better.

The clubs are booking up fast, so please let Elaine know by Friday, 1 February if you’d like to attend. Vegetarian and gluten-free dinner options are also available.


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