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January 24, 2014 in New blogs

Laura and Rebecca are both food lovers and head chefs at home. On 2 girls with a blog they focus on encouraging both adults and children into the kitchen.

Donna is organising her favourite recipes in one place at A Cookbook Collection.

Niamh posts recipes, recommendations and reviews at Cannella.

Cathal’s Cookbook: Allergy Free Living provides support to parents cooking allergy-free meals.

If you have a passion for baking, then Cupcake Dolly is the blog for you.

El-Cordovez is a repository for recipes written by Juan Carlos Cordovez-Mantilla in Food & Wine Magazine as well as other explorations on food.

Flogastronomy aims to create a community for professional chefs and home cooks alike to share culinary experiences, events, recipes, hints and tips.

Generation Illustration is a blog dedicated to Orla’s food photography, documenting her adventures in cooking.

Margaret’s Good Food Ireland Blog is about bringing people together through food and connecting them with Ireland’s culture on a plate.

Grub Galore is about sharing tried and tested recipes along with tips and gadgets that Amanda uses in the kitchen.

In the Home Kitchen makes cooking fun and healthy, with meals for any occasion.

Jacqueline, originally from Hong Kong but now based in Ireland, writes about her discovery of vegetarian and vegan cuisine at Jacqueline’s Veggie blog.

Kelly Cooks is all about the ability to cook fast and funky – all of these recipes start when Rory gets home from work.

Mouthful follows Katie between France and Ireland and on the adventure that will be sommellerie school.

Rowena’s Natural Fuel blog features recipes containing healthy, wholesome, plant-based food that’s vegetarian and free of wheat, dairy, eggs and sugar.

Helen and Nial take inspiration from their travels, local area and many cookbooks to provide easy-to-make and tasty recipe ideas at their blog, Pikalily.

Shalga’s blog, Queen Bee’s Kitchen, is about growing, cooking and eating healthily, including gluten-free recipes.

Real Tasty Pages is about beauty, books and food – what more could a girl ask for?

Rob is a young creative chef developing and showcasing his skills at Rob White Chef Talk.

Straightforward Nutrition is about simply nourishing food and how to use food as medicine.

Terry Lyons, a 2012 Masterchef runner-up, has started an accessible cooking blog.

The Game Bird Food Chronicles is a cooking and baking blog with a specific focus on recipes using seasonal and Irish ingredients.

The Gumdrop Buttons chronicles the adventures between two friends, Emma and Natalie, as Emma, a chef, tries to make baking easy, fun and understandable for Natalie.

Andrew blogs all about sandwiches at The Sandwich Saviour — everything from making all components like the breads, meats and sauces and reviews on places around Ireland.

Marta, a sleepless mother of two, brings a taste of Italy to her Dublin kitchen at The Sleepless Cook.

Anna is a Polish food blogger based in Dublin and shares her own recipes and food from around the world at Time4Cooking.

Nora, who blogs at Worthy Food, believes that preparing and eating healthy food doesn’t need to be intimidating, complicated or clever – just good and good for you.

If you are an Irish or Ireland-based food blogger and would like to be added to the blogroll, please email us at with a link AND one line describing what your blog is about.

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  1. Wow its going to take me a while to get through all of these! thanks :)

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