Welcome to the Irish Food Bloggers Association! The IFBA is a loose gathering of Irish and Irish-based people with one thing in common: food! And eating, tasting, talking, writing, photographing, blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting about it.

We – Kristin and Caroline – set up the IFBA so that Irish food bloggers would have a place to get to know each other a little better, see what other bloggers are out there and get involved in food events and meet-ups. We want to include articles on blogging tips and techniques, from photography and food styling to social media and starting a blog. The IFBA is also a place for others to discover and connect with the food blogging talent in Ireland.

Any Irish or Ireland-based food blogger can be a member of the Irish Food Bloggers Association, as well as any Irish farmer, food producer, restaurateur, caterer, chef, barista, waiter, food writer, food photographer or food stylist – if you’re involved with food and Ireland, please join in!

But we need you to help! Let us know about the food event you’re planning, the get-together you’re thinking about or the online article that helped you when you took a step into this ever-so-slightly crazy world of food blogging.

Please do bear in mind that we’re doing this in our spare time and for free so, if we don’t get back to you immediately, a deadline – or small child – probably got in the way.

Send us an email at , follow us on Twitter at @IrishFoodies or find us on Facebook.


One day, Kristin of Edible Ireland and Bibliocook’s Caroline made a date to call each other for a chat about a food blogging idea. It wasn’t long into the conversation before we realised that we both had the same notion: to form an Irish Food Bloggers Association.

After Bord Bia’s Irish food bloggers event in May 2010, Kristin was inspired by a tweet from Imen (I Married An Irish Farmer) putting out the idea for an association to be formed, and arising out of the same event, Caroline had been talking to Damien Mulley (the man behind FoodFight.ie) about developing a central space for Irish food bloggers. Basically, the upshot was the same: blogging can be a solitary, stuck-in-front-of-the-computer business, so why not connect people who already share recipes, restaurant reviews and snapshots? And so here we are!

With the number of food bloggers in Ireland increasing all the time, we hope the IFBA will act as a hub to pull together details of all the food blogs in Ireland in one place and to make information about events, meet-ups and other foodie happenings as accessible as possible.

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